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For Environmental Resources


GESCSL has not only established and is operating common facilities for the collection, treatment and disposal of industrial effluent and the safe disposal of solid waste in the estate of Vatva, but has also taken up basic issues such as conservation of environmental resources and energy by creating awareness among and conducting appropriate programmes for the member industrial units for the protection and preservation of environmental quality.

This programme termed as Energy Associate Programme for making industries Energy Efficient includes the following activities…

  • Establishment of instrumentation bank for its member industrial units.
  • Teaming with institutions like Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Center for Environment Education (CEE), Gujarat Energy Development Authority (GEDA), Dharmsinh Desai University, Nirma University and L. D. College of Engineering.
  • Organizing joint programmes between these institutions and industries focusing on Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production.
  • Organizing energy Audit Programme jointly with Winrock International India and the Academic Institutes for Cleaner Production through improvement in Energy Efficiency. During the implementation of this programme 75 SMEs were short listed for further study and monitoring.
  • Setting up of Pilot Plants and Cleaner Production Center for educating and training industrial units in small sector to achieve cleaner production by making efficient use of raw materials, utilities and energy. This has gone a long way in minimizing generation of all kinds of wastes and also achieving production of quality goods.
  • Disseminating information through case studies.
  • Setting up of a Training Center for industries.

As a part of the above programme GESCSL compiled data and details of case studies and published the following booklets (Annexure – “E”). The same were distributed to its 680 member units and also to the other industrial units in small and medium sectors. These were also made available to the other industries associations and organizations…

  • Energy Efficiency Conservation in Ahmedabad chemical Cluster.
  • Electrical and Thermal Energy Efficiency in SMEs.
  • Green Industry Institute Partnership Project: Technical  Bulletin 1 Spray Drier
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Initiative by GESCSL
  • Realizing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.
  • Capacity Development for Energy Efficiency.
  • Centre for Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Cleaner Production.
  • Energy Associated Program.

The GESCSL is continuously active in the different areas of environmental resources conservation. It has established mechanism and procedure to be in constant touch with the industrial units for exchange and dissemination of information. It publishes booklets, pamphlets and brochures similar to listed above from time to time to educate and update the member units.