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Technology Up-Gradation


The combined effluent entering CETP is of complex nature. Besides organic pollutants it contains very high concentration of in-organics. The COD concentration is moderate to high and it consists of relatively non biodegradable or refractory organic compounds. These two factors inhibit the efficiency of biodegradation and therefore the reduction in COD concentration is not achieved above 75% (though the BOD reduction is in the range of 90-95%) even after the implementation of the Phase: I up-gradation programme.

Thus a treatment process based on purely biodegradation was not sufficient to give desired results. This problem was seriously taken up and after detailed discussion and study it was felt that the biological processes would be required to be supplemented with other technology for the efficient removal of organic pollutants. A systematic programme of assessment and evaluation of various technologies was initiated and it was finally concluded that Electro-oxidation in combination with the conventional biological process (presently utilized in CETP) would provide a solution to enhance the performance of CETP. The integration of this technology will help oxidize organics directly and also convert the non biodegradable compounds into biodegradable forms for subsequent removal in the biological step.

A German company named M/s ENVIO Water GmbH & Co. KG. offered its technology based on electro-oxidation in combination with the existing biological process for the up-gradation of the CETP. After carrying out pilot plant scale evaluation it submitted a detailed proposal for implementing this technology. Based on the proposal an Agreement was signed with M/s K K Envio (P) Ltd. (a sister company of M/s ENVIO Water GmbH & Co. KG., Germany responsible for implementation of the projects in India). The execution of the project has been completed and the Electro-oxidation System has been commissioned. Presently the System is under stabilization. After stabilization of Electro-oxidation System it is expected that the GPCB norms will be achieved.

Meanwhile we further up-graded the Aeration System to enhance oxygen transfer and DO level in the Aeration Tank by installing six additional Triton type Aerators procured from Aeration Industries International Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Presently the performance in terms of COD and BOD concentrations in the final effluent is 800-1000 mg/l and 40-60 mg/l respectively. After stabilization of Electro-oxidation System it is expected that the GPCB norms will be achieved.

The investment made towards Phase: II up-gradation programme is Rs. 226928000.
The detailed break-up is as under…

Sr. No.


Cost,  Rs.


Electro-oxidation and Associated Components (including installation )



Aerators (6 nos., 60 HP each, Triton Type) plus installation.



Distribution Transformer – 2500 KVA



Vacuum Circuit Breakers



LT Distribution Panel



Installation of Distribution Transformer and VCBs.



Cables with fabrication, erection and installation of cable bridges and cables.



Associated Civil Work



Payment to Torrent Power Limited for the sanction of additional power


Total Cost